Phoenix Arts & Entertainment

Greetings! Welcome to my website!

I am Heather Gaffney-Darnell – the founder of Phoenix Intuitive Arts and Entertainment. I am a tarot enthusiast, intuitive, and energy worker in the Concord area with over 30 years of experience providing transformational practices to help clients heal, grow, and become their most authentic selves. Services are available to individuals and groups, including quality psychic entertainment for corporate, public, and private events.

As a child, I was steeped in local ghost stories and my father’s interest in the paranormal and metaphysical, and my mother’s and grandmother’s path of community service. Those paths converged when I commandeered my father’s tarot deck as a teenager. Thirty-six years later, I use what I have learned to help others chart their path to personal growth and authentic happiness. My approach to reading, teaching, and healing is one of directness, compassion, and humor.

We are all living a human experience, and sometimes need a little direction so we can focus our intuitive powers and see the obstacles in our way.

Mission Statement

Phoenix Intuitive Arts & Entertainment provides services and programs that assist in empowering individuals and groups with an emphasis on honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to creating opportunities that are enlightening, thought provoking, and unique. We tailor programs and events to meet your specific goals, whether you prefer an individual session or an entertaining group function.

Services provided are entertainment and not a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. Practitioners reserve the right to recommend that clients seek out professional services within the scope of those services.