Friend Byron Ballard introduced us to Caitlin Matthew’s article about Omen Days, treating the twelve days following Christmas as ‘days out of time’ where people payed attention to nature and surroundings for clues of what is to happen in the coming year. Each of the twelve days represents a month. Today is December 27, 2020 and this divination is for February 2021.

I began this day going out to my father’s taking the “scenic route”. There natural and farming areas along the way that I appreciate. I made a point to be open to messages, ideas, and thoughts noticing how dedicated humans are to controlling and in many cases, destroying the natural landscape. Enough has changed that even if we want to live in alignment with nature, it is difficult. My take away is that we work in small ways to bring back this connection through creating greenspaces, reducing waste, and whatever actions can be taken to make a difference environmentally and ecologically. We can advocate for big changes by writing politicians, and using activism as a tool. It is past time to do something different, especially when small changes can make a difference.

My tarot reading for today is with the Game of Thrones Tarot by Liz Dean, and illustrated by Craig Cross. For me, February is when winter really seems to show up in the piedmont of North Carolina, so this deck with its dark imagery and the line, “Winter is coming”, it feels like the right deck.

Our mental energy is of distrustful melancholy reflected in the 4 of Cups. Sansa looks hesitantly at the cup Littlefinger offers her, not realizing that there are other cups laid out for taking. While I normally see this card as an overlooking of what is being offered, I feel moving into February there will be distrust around the things being offered. From a national perspective, the new administration is inheriting a poisoned chalice, with a lot of damage to undo before any real progress can be made. Our general headspace is to be warry of promises. We can partake, but we can also do things for ourselves on grassroots and personal levels.

The 8 of Coins is showing up as our emotional energy. This is promising. This card shows Gendry, an apprentice to blacksmith. Like him, we are all students in this new, challenging reality. We have the resources, and know how to teach ourselves and each other new skills, and new ideas. My sense of this is that many of us feel that we are being challenged to show up differently in the world, but first it will be through the forge. As we do the work, so we are molded like the shields depicted in this card. Everything will feel like an adjustment as we are tempered. All we can do is do the work and become stronger and more resilient for it.

The Fool comes to us as Tyrion Lanister. There are so many reasons to love this character as the Fool in this reading as the energy of action to be taken in February. This is a call to look for potential and opportunity. This is a time to look, listen, and learn in order to find, or even create opportunities. Tyrion is highly resourceful, allowing himself to be underestimated. It allows him to hear and see much. He is often dismissed, so when not drinking he reads and absorbs knowledge. While we are waiting out the winter, and the virus, this is time to work the mind, explore potential, and as expressed yesterday… plan and prepare. Play your cards close to the chest. Study and observe.

The closing message for this reading is the 9 of Cups starring Samwell Tarly. The one thing that Sam felt confident about is his capacity to learn. This was his happy place, surrounded by books. It is also a position where he can do the most good. It tells us that with a willingness to work, be molded, and prepared, we can find at least a level of satisfaction even with current difficulties. It will be a difficult road, that leads to happier and more fulfilling times.

I look forward to seeing your interpretations for March! Until tomorrow, have a wonderful night!

In light and shadow,