Friend Byron Ballard introduced us to Caitlin Matthew’s article about Omen Days, treating the twelve days following Christmas as ‘days out of time’ where people payed attention to nature and surroundings for clues of what is to happen in the coming year. Each of the twelve days represents a month. Today is December 29, 2020 and this divination is for March 2021.

What I notice today is the tendency toward misunderstanding. I see that people are not really listening, or reading what is provided, therefore offering a judgement or chastisement that is not there’s to give. It reminds that we need to be vigilant to really hear each other, rather than reacting from our own filters and emotions. March holds the Spring Equinox, a time of new growth, and clarity. It is a call to use these next two months to really house clean mentally, emotionally, and physically. As within, so without.

I chose the Robin Wood tarot created by Robin Wood. It is a classic deck, popular as a beginner deck because the images are lively, colorful, and lovely while still following the Rider Waite format and system. I felt the imagery is light, perhaps even a little playful, so appropriate for the coming spring.

We being with our mental energy showing as the 6 of Coins. Our thoughts turn toward exchange. This can involved money, goods, and services yet this card warns us to be careful who we choose to be in exchange with. Sometimes we make decisions out of fear and survival, leaving us struggling, and with more stress and less resources than we had to start with. Make sure that you are using discretion, and instinct when investing or letting others invest in you. Many of us are vulnerable on multiple levels, and sadly people will try to exploit for personal gain.

Sadly our mental state is directly affecting our emotional energy, reflected in the 4 of Coins. It is completely fine to protect what is yours, just be careful not to become greedy or stingy. We can hold solid boundaries, and still be of generous spirit. We will run into people who are going to be particularly protective of their money, belongings, energy, and beliefs. It is a call to be as understanding as possible, attempting to meet people where they are without taking their energy and attitude to heart. We have an opportunity to show a different way by choosing empathy over impatience.

Our action lies in the Moon. There are interpretations that this card is about deception and things hidden. Since we are looking to this card for direction, this is saying that it is time to look beneath the surface for intention and motivation, especially our own. You see the dog on one side and the wolf on the other. The dog, domesticated and civilized still howls at the moon, reminding us that we are not free of our primal instincts, yet have control over them as long as we are aware. It is time to take the plunge and recognize what makes you tick.

The closing message is the Hermit. What is important to remember about this card is that the Hermit is comfortable with isolation. He is a being who is complete and whole unto himself. What does this mean for us? We are finally adjusting to the current status quo, and learning to work within forced isolation. It does not mean we are entirely trapped in our caves, but it does mean we are becoming more at ease with our own companies, and adjusting to transition as it comes about. The dark side of the Hermit is how we isolate in unhealthy ways. We may not be able to see each other in person, yet none of us are truly alone. Make contact with others as your mental and emotional health requires.

So much of what I see in this spread is really challenging us to look internally. Once again, do the work however that works for you.

We are moving on to April tomorrow. Until then, much love!

In light and shadow,