I miss Mom. It is the second Thanksgiving without her, and it hits me more and more how she was the proverbial glue for our family during the holidays. It may not have always been the healthiest of gatherings. Family holidays were served with the small side portion of guilt knowing how hurt and resentful Mom would be if one should try to make other plans. Perhaps I am feeling a bit of that guilt knowing that my family will not be coming together as a whole, and once again, I am faced with how grief is so darn complex. There is the range of emotions that come with grief. Some are happy, some sad. Some are downright resentful and angry. I confess I am feeling a little of it all given current circumstances. I also note beloved friends are struggling this year because we cannot come together in ways that are customary. It drives home how attached we are to our Thanksgiving rituals and gatherings, leaving many in a space of anxiety and depression.

I’m not going to say too much. Platitudes aren’t helpful, and I don’t want to run the risk of being “that person”. What I will offer is that I see you. I may not be able to specifically understand each individual experience, but I am sitting in a place of empathy for what people are going through. It is with this that I offer my magic, and hopes…

May you be able to reach out for support. Friends, families, therapists, clergy… even in isolation, we are not alone.

May you find joy in new experiences. We have an opportunity to be creative in our situations. Perhaps new traditions can be born out of different way of being.

May you be able to ground to new experiences. What ever your situation, make it your own. Lack of travel may mean connecting with members of our household on a deeper level, or even ourselves. There are gifts in solitude.

May you find joy in small things. Memories, reasons to laugh, good food, extra rest… there are so many small things we take for granted that we can be in gratitude for.

In closing… we are creative and resourceful beings when given the chance. Consider that even apart, we are still in this together. There are people in need, people struggling to survive, who need support. We have it in our power to make things better for ourselves, and each other.

Love to all, and Happy Thanksgiving,