Tarot & Oracle Readings

The Tarot is a divination system rooted in allegory, archetype, and symbolism. We can use the images of the cards to provide direction, insight, and ultimately the power to make choices that are aligned with our authenticity. Heather uses her knowledge of the cards with intuition to bring the power of transformation, and the reminder that we have agency through personal choice, and knowledge of Self.

Intuitive Card Reading (1 hour)

If you have major life changes in the works, you’ll probably want a 60-minute reading. Deep life-changing questions about your career, your relationship, or your soul’s purpose (dharma) need time to explore all the nuances of past, present, and future. Serious matters such as a complex court case or moving might need an hour to consider all angles. An hour can also cover longer periods of time, like your seasonal or yearly outlook. An hour reading will always include remedies.

Intuitive Card Reading (30 minutes)

A 30-minute reading is enough time for Tarot to get into the nuances of a complicated situation. It’s also enough time to ask about two topics, for example your job and your love life. If you have deep life-changing questions about your whole career, you may want a longer session.

Intuitive Card Reading (15 minutes)

Book 15 minutes if you only have one question or topic in mind. For example a co-worker who’s giving you problems, or your relationship. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for Tarot to give you detailed, helpful information about one question or topic.

Shadow Path Reading (1 hour)

Using the cards, Heather works with the client and their experiences to uncover and heal hidden wounds and strengths. This is an in depth discussion to assist the client toward finding tools to create wholeness, and wellness in their every day lives.