Friend Byron Ballard introduced us to Caitlin Matthew’s article about Omen Days, treating the twelve days following Christmas as ‘days out of time’ where people payed attention to nature and surroundings for clues of what is to happen in the coming year. Each of the twelve days represents a month. Today is December 26, 2020 and this divination is for January 2021. The tarot deck used for this reading is the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson, a deck that looks at both the surface and shadow of every situation. I chose this deck because we are in the dark of the year, struggling with isolation, and other adjustments resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic. 8 of Swords - Dark Wood Tarot

Upon the shuffling, the 8 of Swords jumped from the deck. This is represents the mental energy during the month of January. We are in stasis, noose around our necks yet have a sturdy box beneath our feet. Our arms are bound, and it appears that we are trapped, but are we? The noose is loose enough to remove, and the swords are at a safe distance with a clear path out ahead. The blindfold is a reminder that much of our experience is a perception fueled by beliefs rather than grounded truth. This card is reminding us that we are not powerless in the unpleasantness. We have more room to move than we thing, and that hardships are subject to change in alignment with clarity and action.

If we are examine mental energies, then we must look a emotional energy reflected in the Tower card. We are in danger of becoming a powder keg of feeling. Many are restless, afraid, and feeling powerless by circumstances. Many are likely to act out of anger and frustration. There is a desire for movement and change. It is recommended that we be an agent of emotional release, channeling that emotional energies into creating something new. Find healthy ways to express to help move the overwhelm. All feelings are valid. It is focusing them in a productive way that becomes challenging.

This brings us to our action card. This is the Chariot. In this deck we see a bald eagle in free flight, coming in for a landing. There is an invitation to move forward with momentum. You are allowed to act on the authenticity of who you are, and step into alignment with your inner purpose. Just because the world is crazy doesn’t mean we can’t make other plans. The reigns are in your hands. You can to choose where, when, and how. The closing message for this reading is the 4 of Swords. This is a time of making ready; rest, research, plan. We are learning to adapt and overcome in order to shift the status quo. Our work is in the practical. This isn’t a time to be idle, but a time of replenishment, and preparedness. Energetic hygiene is just as vital as physical hygiene. Drop your roots, act with intention, trust your instincts, and remain vigilant of energetic and emotional/mental boundaries. The woman in this card may appear to be in danger, but she has a sword armed and ready. Until tomorrow, I look forward to hearing about your readings and omens! In shadow and light, Heather