A Journey Through the Pentacles: The Spirit of Abundance

The pentacle is our symbol for the element of Earth in the Tarot.  What does this mean for us?  It means our physical reality, stability, occupations, and money.  Using the numbered pentacle cards, one through ten, we can see how the the energy of prosperity ebbs and flows culminating in abundance on all levels as shown in the cards below. 

I want to talk about the Ten of Pentacles, because it is a picture of prosperity that many of us want to achieve.  It is home, the happy family, and a life of joy and comfort.  Our relationship with money and prosperity can be a precarious one, yet many of us have a personal version of this vision.  Our ultimate dreams may not involve a huge house, yet we desire something for ourselves.  In the Tarot, the key to obtaining this dream involves our journey through the first nine pentacles.

Financial and material growth come from creating a foundation for ourselves.  The pentacles teach us to be grounded, to find our resourcefulness, and to work in harmony with the world around us.  Think of the Ace of Pentacles as that raw gift of abundance energy unformed and undirected.  There is a new sense of stability, new clients, a new job, and new knowledge. There is this incredible potential to be built from.  Moving into the Two of Pentacles, this is where we begin to work with this abundance energy. We are learning to be in harmony, working towards the first fruits of labor expressed in the Three of Pentacles.

The Tarot also cautions us about holding onto our wealth too tightly shown in the Four of Pentacles, lest we lose it and become the Five of Pentacles falling on hard times.  It is a lesson in the law of prosperity through the cards.  Prosperity must flow out in order for it to flow back to us.  It is a reminder to remain open to receiving what is coming in the Six of Pentacles.  Regardless, what we choose to manifest is like the garden in the Seven of Pentacles.  We must tend and weed, investing in what we want to achieve and create. Part of that investment means growing in knowledge and wisdom.  With the Eight of Pentacles we are the constant apprentice playing an active part in our own relationship with the material world. 

The Nine of Pentacles says you have finally arrived!  Prosperity is yours, it is time to enjoy what you have achieved.  We can take ownership of our accomplishments, and feel good about what that looks like for each of us.  The number 9 is a number of spiritual awakening where we can fully embody Earth energy and the spirit of gratitude before stepping further along the journey.  When we reach the destination of Ten, this Earth energy moves from being embodied to expressed with renewed potential, for Ten is also One.  

If abundance is a challenge for anyone on any level, I suggest sitting with these cards.  Retrace the journey through your personal lives.  Examine where your life needs tending.  Look at where you need to invest effort and energy.  Remember to be open to giving and receiving and above all, be thankful!