I think a lot about human quirks in regard to spiritual practice and our ability to manifest especially in the Pagan community.  The pop-psychology/ New Age trend of “thoughts become things” I think holds a piece of truth, yet misses the boat in a very fundamental way. It creates confusion between birthright and entitlement. If you listen to New Thought philosophy, love, prosperity, energy and power are your birthright.  I can agree to all of these things, yet here is the rub… no one can give you what you aren’t either willing to give yourself, or what you aren’t willing to be open to. The heavens just don’t open up and shower us with these things simply because we exist. Our birth right exists in that we can look for a job if we need money, be social if we’re looking for companionship, and we can read and practice when working towards spiritual growth and knowledge. Our birth right also exists in working our Magic toward our goals, yet let’s be clear… the Cosmos requires foot work from us. Simply put, one must be in activity with Universal flow.  It also means being in reciprocity with the world around you. How are you giving the gift of yourself to the world to be in service to all that live upon it?  How are you being in balance with the world around you? Sometimes the success we so desperately want lies in what we choose to do for others. Your challenge should you choose to accept it? Be and do what you desire! Blessed be!