Hello everyone, and welcome to day 7 of the 1st Annual Halloween Blog Hop with The Guidance and Friends – 8 Days of Spooky Goodness hosted by my Sister friend, Jennifer Leigh Scott, the Guidance Goddess! 

As we enter the dark half of the year our hemisphere of the world is getting cooler, the days shorter, and the veil between our world and the world of spirit is getting thinner.  It is not only a time of deep introspection and rest, this is a time to celebrate our ancestors and release those things that no longer serve.  Samhain, Shadowfest, Día de Muertos, The Day of the Dead… all of these names are in celebration of those who have gone before and celebrate the Goddess as she descends into the Underworld, and celebrate the Dark Gods who meet her as she reaches her destination.

In a previous blog I talked about the Death card and how it represents not necessarily endings, but the promise of new beginnings. The skeleton we see is the foundation of all things. It is this time of year that we take the journey of Persephone, Tana, Inanna, or Ishtar into the depths releasing name, form, function. Like the Death card we strip away all identifiers that keep us from being fully whole and realized. In meeting the Dark Ones; Ereshkigal, Hades, Dis, Nephthys, or Mictecacihuatl we learn about the depth of the Self and journey to the core of who we really are. 

The meditation to meet these Mysterious Ones and/or your beloved ancestors is simple. Create your sacred space, and choose candles and incense that will help you meditate. Because of the depth of the work, it is preferred that you do this with others unless you are a seasoned practitioner.  You might take a moment to decide what you intend for yourself with this meditation. While some may desire deep introspection, some may only wish to meet their ancestors.
Imagine yourself taking a stroll walking ever downward. You may encounter gates along the way as Inanna did, giving up something of your identity at each one, or you may choose put down those things you wish to release as you spiral down. When reaching the Underworld, you may see one of the Gods before you, one of your deceased loved ones, or another guide who is there to lend wisdom and guidance. This is a good time to face shadows, to explore deep intuition, and to gain healing. This is also a good time to give gratitude to our loved ones, and express our love for them. While we are here, we are clearing the soil to make new for future harvest.

Before departing, remember to thank those you have spoken to for their wisdom and guidance. When it is time to return, follow the path that brought you in. It will feel as though you are traveling ever up and up. You have the option to reclaim the things you put down along your journey, however, pay special attention to whether this is something you still want, or if it needs to be transformed into something different before returning home. Remember, this journey is a journey of release, remembrance, and making room for renewal.  

I hope this meditation brings you the peace and insight it has brought me. Happy Samhain!