The month of February has been magic filled. Louise Clark and I began with leading a new moon celebration where we reforged ourselves in the fires of Brigid’s forge. In the company of the Misfits, we were filled by the Quickening Moon, broke down the Charge of the Goddess, and asked question to help us understand that everything is within us, because divinity flows through us and as us. The magic was punctuated with An Introduction to Shadow work that I had the honor of teaching last night, along with Autumn Austin ( I find now that the work done creates a chain in anticipation of the Shadow class.
The new moon asked us to step out of our personal boxes, and to allow that is within to shine, and to be reforged in the flame. The full moon reminded us that we, like nature are like seeds ready to sprout with the waxing light of the sun, and as the Charge tells us, all that we seek is already with us. There is a resounding message of “as within, so without.” The full Quickening Moon is now waning, taking us further into the first light of spring. At this time of year, our quickening refers to that feeling of cabin fever, where the need to create, to stand in the sun, and to move into action begins to build within us. All parts of ourselves begin to buzz in the hidden realms of consciousness. Our Shadows are no exception. Some of us feel the weight of depression and anxiety. If you feel the pain of your past creeping into your thoughts, or feeling triggered by emotional situations; this is the Shadow demanding attention. It, too, is reaching for the sunlight asking that we acknowledge the wounds within, so that we may finally heal.
Why is this important? To step fully into core authenticity, the Shadow of the Self must be acknowledged, and the process of healing the wounds there in. Fallibility is part of our humanity. The more we work to conceal and deny what is injured, imperfect, dishonest, or otherwise challenging within our being, the more we stand to deny ourselves wholeness allowing those unsavory parts of the self to become looming monsters bent on self sabotage. 
This process does not happen over night. This process is life long. It is a journey of self discovery that leads to growth and expansion. To draw on Autumn’s knowledge and experience, she reminds us that in this work, we step further into compassion and understanding, and out of judgement. We step into a place of responding, rather than reacting. We step out of defensiveness, and further into a place of ease, because we finally begin to understand the internal drives that motivate specific behaviors.
Shadow work is almost an archaeological excavation of consciousness and spirit. Layer by layer, we discover new and different things about ourselves. Some of what we find is upsetting and unpleasant. Some of it is pure love, power, and capabilities we have long since buried. Good or bad, they are all parts of the Self, and are all worth of acknowledgement. Like children, these parts of the self best flourish with love and nurturing.