Good morning and Happy New Year,
So how about 2015? Huge changes, both personal and global have brought to the surface our challenges for the coming year. People have experienced as much pain and loss as they have wonder and joy. I believe 2015 will go down in my personal history as the “mixed bag”. For what it is worth, I am ready to move onto to happier times, with hard won clarity and peace. Welcome 2016!

We are starting out this year on a hard note. We are faced with massive social struggle locally, nationally, and internationally. It is easy to point fingers, to lay blame, and to get sucked into the dramatics propagated by those who would fuel the media fires that continue to divide the masses. I wanted to approach this New Year with humor, and laughter, but it’s kind of hard with all that is going in the world, yes? We, my friends, are at an impasse socially, economically, politically, spiritually, and emotionally.   

This new moon card reading is brought to you by The Ten of Cups- REVERSED. It is normally not like me to read reversals; however, it shows us where we might be misaligned. What is the Ten of Cups? It is joy, happiness, and contentment. It is a happy home, a happy family, and our world just as we want it to be. I think it is reasonable to assume that most of us want some version of these things, and this reversal gives us valuable insight as to how to heal current issues at hand. The card speaks to fulfilled desire, yet reversed speaks to desires unfulfilled, or out of balance. The reversal poses several hard questions:

  • Are you valuing the good that is already in your life? Your friends, family, your home, and your occupation may not be in complete alignment with what you want, yet take care not to take all of this for granted. Being in a space of appreciation creates openness and expansiveness. 
  • What is your sense of entitlement? Before getting defensive, consider, many of us are raised with perceptions and expectations that certain things come without work or compromise. To change your world, it will take some personal effort. Everything in reciprocity; Give as you receive. Do for others as they do for you.
  • Where are you out of balance? With this card can come the idea of satiety. We all crave that state of fullness and satisfaction. Tipped to one side of the scale, it leads to extremes such as addiction, impulsiveness, and a desperation to fill certain voids that may be a result of open emotional wounds.
  • Are you in integrity with your desires for yourself, the community, and the world? This means reflecting the qualities that we want to see in the world. Being the change you want to see in the world has become a tad cliche. We can’t just say it. We have to mean it and take action.   
These questions seem to go well with today’s new moon in Capricorn. It is time to call dreams, and desires about what we hope to achieve in the coming year into existence, however, Capricorn tells us to be practical. The energy provided at this time calls on us to be deeply grounded and to find answers within. Rather than looking to the external to see what is blocking us, it’s imperative to see what needs cleaning up in our inner landscapes that may be blocking our good. Please understand… this is not about self-blame. This is understanding how our inner mechanisms can inhibit us from becoming happy and whole individuals. The questions posed by the Ten of Cups-REVERSED can be a guide post to help us see where we may need to do the most work on both personal and social levels.
While we are doing the inner work, it is good to remember that the Ten of Cups-UPRIGHT presents an energy of togetherness. The steps toward healing are an inside job, yet do not require that we isolate ourselves. The card reminds us that we need not do the work alone. This is a time to be in mutual support to our families, and our communities. We may not be able to give direct assistance to people across the ocean, yet we can be in assistance to the people around us that are accessible. There are therapists and professionals to assist with emotional and psychological healing. 
Everything and everyone is a mirror that can be powerful teachers. Working alone and together, perhaps we can achieve positive desired change in our lifetimes. We’re all in this together. I look forward to continuing my personal path of healing with all of you.