I was introduced to the cards when I was about 15 years old.  I was struck by the color, symbol and the power of myth.  As my path has progressed I have learned to relate to the cards on an intuitive level allowing each image to open doorways to the subconscious.  While we have been given a wealth of symbolism, and tradition with the tarot, it occurred to me that the true power resides within the reader of the cards.  The influence of the BOTA (Builders of the Adytum) taught me that these images speak to facets of Self, and spiritual transformation. 
I bring this up because of the current nature of divination.  Instead of starting from a place of self as we relate to the world, readings have become about the world as it relates to self.  This is not to say that wanting some insight about the world and situations around us is a bad thing.  The issue lies in how externalized humanity has become and how we have become entirely too worried about what our neighbor is doing or not doing without self examination.  It is with this that I feel my task has become to take the concept of divination back home to what is going on with the individual.
With this task I am making good on my threat to write regular articles on the Tarot.  Please consider that what I write is a combination of what I have learned over time, and personal intuition.  My hope is to make these powerful images helpful to anyone regardless of path and experience.  I also hope that it will help tarot enthusiasts take on the task of expanding their personal knowledge.  I am fortunate to know some things, and I still have much to learn.  I will always be a student and this practice deepens for me constantly.  I am always open to new insights. 
Bottom line… in my world the cards have no power in and of themselves.  They have power because we find power in symbol, color and myth.  The true power always comes from within.  With this in mind, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.
Many blessings,