I’ve received some interest in cord cutting so here you go!

This method is useful because is doesn’t require ceremony, and it helps to release emotional patterns attached to the situation.

Take a blank piece of paper and draw a large infinity symbol in gold or yellow. It needs to be big enough to write in.

In the left side, write your full name and all of the names you are known by or called especially by the person or situation to be released.

In the right side write the full name of the person or situation to be released along with others names known by.

Under the name of the person being released write all of the emotional traits or issues you attribute/connect to the person.
When this is done, tear or cut the infinity symbol down the center.

Burn, bury, or release the half symbolizing the other person.

Take the other half and do the same, just sit with what element you feel you need to give yourself to at the time (water for flow and cleansing, fire for creativity, earth for grounding, etc.)

Do this as many times as you feel is needed, however bearing in mind that our feelings and reactions are in our court and are ours to process and heal.